EUNIC Cluster Warsaw strives to build bridges between culture, society, economy, and technology in cooperation with local partners. With the project IF – SOCIAL DESIGN FOR SUSTAINABLE CITIES – Making Cities and Human Settlements Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable, EUNIC Warsaw aims at highlighting the involvement of culture and social design in the societal debate on sustainable cities. EUNIC Warsaw is confident that connecting different perspectives will result in something new and creative. It is in this ratio that the project IF – SOCIAL DESIGN FOR SUSTAINABLE CITIES has been organized in order to contribute to a framework for continuing interdisciplinary discussions including creative minds using arts as a tool, helping to pave the way for sustainable urban growth.




The department of New Media Art of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technologies was launched in 2004. English Language study program is unique in Poland and consolidates Polish art and design traditions with new technologies. The curriculum enables students to investigate innovative approaches to contemporary theory and practice, and fosters both individual inquiry and high-level collaboration. Current research areas in the department include new forms of visual communication using sensor and physical interfaces, experimental games, augmented reality, motion graphics, hybrid architectural/media environments, digitally articulated sculpture, and responsive environments. The primary objective of the program is to prepare creative critical thinkers. PJAIT is active on the international scene, cooperating with academics around the world.


EUNIC supervisors

Rupert Weinmann

Martin van Dijk

Dominik Neubauer

José Carlos da Costa Dias

PJAIT curators

Ewa Satalecka

Marjatta Itkonen

Jan Piechota

Student team

Maciej Jakóbczyk

Jasiek Moskal

Natalia Opalińska

Alicja Kondej

Anna Kalmus

Kinga Ostapkowicz


Ewa Satalecka (Warsaw)
Jan Piechota (Warsaw)
Marjatta Itkonen
Marjatta Itkonen (Helsinki)